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(About Mr. French: I entered an international advertising copywriter’s contest called “Put the Headline Here” and was named a semi-finalist.)

“I love Tracy’s writing! Site content, emails, catalog spreads and everything else — Tracy was always able to speak to our customer in a smart, fresh way. She’s got a special talent for fashion writing plus a real thoughtfulness about creative work as a whole, which elevated every project she was on. I needed some serious writing help when I hired Tracy, and she delivered (plus she made the workday way more fun). I look forward to working with her again.”
— Kim Scott, Copy Director, Pendleton Woolen Mills

“We needed a copywriter that could come in and hit the ground running. Within two weeks of her arrival Tracy created our best safety ad campaign ever. Later she tackled everything from social media to an installation on TriMet’s history.”
— Debbie Huntington, Creative Service Manager, TriMet Public Transit

“We called Tracy in to help with several projects when we were overloaded and time was short. It was great to have someone able to jump right in from the word go. Tracy picked things up quickly, and both clients were very happy with her headlines and copy. We’ll definitely use her again in a crunch time.”
— Karen Kemp, Creative Director, Fish Marketing

“Our website writing lacked a solid voice, and Tracy helped bring it together with finesse. Her approach to asking the right questions to get a solid foundation to work with is refreshing. She is also personally a delight to work with. We not only utilize her services for our internal marketing but also highly recommend her to our clients.”
— Connie Orson, Inkwell Creative

“Tracy has an amazing gift to take some poorly framed ‘this is what I want’ sentences (i.e. mine) and turn them into the most delightful, creative headlines and copy that are exactly what I want. We’ve had the pleasure to work with her for many years, and she never disappoints with her enthusiastic approach to even the dullest of projects. Besides being an excellent interpreter and ideator, she’s on time, she thinks outside the box, and she takes initiative.”
— Cathy Filgas, Anthro Furniture Corporation

“Tracy has turned a fuzzy idea into a brilliant concept for me on multiple occasions. It helps me so much to have someone on board to define concept and give my design a story—usually within ridiculous timelines.”
— Emily Sapp, Kitten Design

“Tracy has always been a reliable creative resource from conceptual headline to body copy work. I ask for 10 headlines, and I get 40! I love that she explores many directions, and has the sass I look for in creative delivery.”
— Rebecca Reinke, Reinke Creative

“From the shallow depths of banal technical copy, Tracy Ball lifted the stories behind our products in to lives of their own. By giving inspiration to our customers, her words have helped our business grow in to new markets and gain new devotees.”
— Bradford Duval, Corazzo Design

“We LOVE Tracy. She’s the only person I know who can speak fluent ‘engineer’ and then translate my boring gibberish into engaging stories about our company and what we do for our clients. She really turned our website around.”
— George Passino, Paul Brong Machine Works

“Tracy helps us capture the personality and character of our client’s brands with her eloquent words and ideas!  She leaps the tallest buildings and makes it all happen within our crazy timelines. Our business is better with Tracy as a partner.”
— Kathy Stephenson, Mint Marketing

“I think my daughter is extremely talented. She made up the cutest things when she was little! You should hire her.”
— Linda Ball, Indianapolis, Indiana