Addictions include vintage motor scooters, streamlinemoderne design and sixties music.

I have been asked in several job interviews if I could go to any time period*, what would it be? (What silly book on interviewing did that come from?) I’ll save you the trouble of asking. That would have to be 1939 World’s Fair in New York City. It seems that was one of the most futuristic times of the last century. At that fair, everything looked the way I wished everything looked today. All sleek with speed lines galore. Of course they were just two years from having to fight WWII. And they were trying to scramble out of the Depression. But still, a very positive take on the future.

Visitors to General Motors "Futurama" Exhibit

Now technology is something I crave and as much as I love and worship the Web, I’m truly disappointed that I am not driving a flying car yet. As a consolation, I am an active member of the local vintage motorscooter community and love to attend rallies.

Ska Dancing

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